About us

The president of israel receiving a painting by the artist Haim Sherrf.


Haim started making Ketubahs following his father's tradition. Because we know how time-consuming and expensive it is to find and buy beautiful, quality Ketubahs that would last we decided to launch our online store and focus mainly on product quality and accessibility. We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll enjoy our Ketubahs as we do!

Our mission

Haim offers custom-made Ketubah art, designed to be the most sentimental and beautiful way for a couple to publicly pledge their love for one another. Our Ketubah designs help you create a lasting memento of your wedding day that can be enjoyed by generations to come as a realized symbol of your commitment to each other.

Our Ketubahs

 Just thinking about getting a Ketubah can be tedious. Your ketubah should be more than just words. We want your wedding to be the perfect blend of you, your beloved, and the traditions that matter most to you. We aim to create Ketubah art that reflects who you are as a couple and act as a lasting symbol of your upcoming marriage. We use only the best quality materials and make sure that nothing is missed to ensure you have the best experience at every step of the way!